Our Process

Since the formation of Impact Lens in late 2018 we’ve been working to establish a methodology which captures the main concerns of individual investors and other classes of beneficiaries. 

Our Methodology Assessment Panel (MAP) all contributed to the creation of the Impact Lens assessment process. These individuals come from a range of backgrounds: Academia, Fund Management, the NGO and Charity Sector, Impact Investing and private client Advice and Wealth Management.

The Impact Lens process consists of three components.

Group 63


Our specially-designed questionnaire is issued to the investment manager we are seeking to engage with. This covers a wide range of areas. The responses we receive form the basis of our draft score.

Group 62


Impact Lens meets with the fund manager to share the results of the initial assessment, giving them the opportunity to respond and add more detail if required.

Group 64

Methodology Assessment Panel

The independent Methodology Assessment Panel (MAP) panel evaluate the Impact Lens process and output to ensure that a rational approach is being applied to achieve consistent results. As part of our commitment to transparency, minutes of these meetings are made available.

Group 52

Impact Lens Fund Profile

We produce our Fund Profile document which includes scores across the four “pillars”. We re-engage periodically in order to update the Fund Profile.