Bringing responsible investment into focus

Responsible investment strategies should be available to far more investors.

The Problem

Financial Advisers and Wealth Managers lack the necessary information on responsible investment and as a result, flows into responsible investment funds do not match high levels of investor interest.

In addition, competition between fund houses to promote their own approaches to ethical, sustainable or impact investing has led to confusion about what’s on offer.

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The Impact Lens Solution

Detailed fund profiles that demystify the complexities associated with responsible investment strategies so intermediaries can match clients with suitable investment products.

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Benefits for:

Financial Advisers, Wealth Managers and Investors

  • In-depth, reliable and consistent assessment of responsible investment funds.
  • Compare funds easily with our Impact Lens Fund Profiles.
  • Effective matching of funds to investor values.

Fund Managers

  • Increased exposure to intermediaries and private investors.
  • Opportunity to reach a more mainstream audience.
  • Promoting the sector – increased transparency and understanding.